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The biggest help system in the world!
You make a donation of only $10 and receive a $20 bonus!
You can indicate how many people you want, every 3 indication you receive $ 20.

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About BTC Mult

We are a Group of Professionals from Asia committed to helping humanity!

We have developed this help system so that everyone can be helped. With a little help you will help thousands of people in need and still be helped too!

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The Power of Generosity

With just $ 10 You can make all the difference for thousands of families in need.
We helping each other!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BTC Mult?

BTC Mult is a humanitarian relief system of distribution, with it we can reach several families around the world and help everyone.

How it works?

It's very simple, just sign up, buy an order for only $10 and you will receive your $20 shortly.

How can I make the payment?

The payment is made by Bitcoin, after making your purchase will appear the bitcoin wallet where you will send the amount for your payment.

How do I receive it?

After you invite 3 paid friends, you will receive at your backoffice $20 immediately, where you can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet at any time.

What if I can not tell anyone?

No problem, you will receive your $20 anyway, because our system will redistribute nominations for you!

Do you have withdrawal limits?

No. You can withdraw when and how much you want at any time.

How many friends can I invite?

There are no limits to your friends, the more you invite the higher your winnings, simply leave the automatic repurchase option on your backoffice.

After I pay how long do I get active in the system?

After sending your payment to wallet btc indicated with the exact value displayed, the system will recognize your payment automatically after 3 confirmations of the blockchain network.